Quantum Random Number Generator (in progress)

1. Introduction

This is the experimental code for a quantum random number generator which can be run on a real quantum computer. I will provide detailed information about how the code works and many optimizations soon. The tutorial series will be found on my YouTube channel in both German and English.

Please leave a comment down below and let me know, what quantum computing related topics you're interested in!

2. Code

import math
from qiskit import *
from qiskit import IBMQ
from qiskit.tools.monitor import job_monitor

   Quantum Random Number Generator Class
   @author: Florian André Dalwigk
   @version: 1.0
class QuantumRandomNumberGenerator:
   def __init__(self, min, max):
   # Error-Check, TODO
   # How many rounds?
   self.diff = max - min
   # How many bits?
   self.bits = math.ceil(math.log2(self.diff))
   # Create dictionary
   self.numbers = {}
   tmp = min
   print("--- initialize generator ---")
      for i in range(self.diff):
         self.numbers["{0:b}".format(i).zfill(self.bits)] = tmp
         tmp += 1
      print("--- initialization completed ---")

      Generates a random number in between <min> and <max>.
   def random_number(self):
      # Quantum register
      qr = QuantumRegister(self.bits)

      # Classical register
      cr = ClassicalRegister(self.bits)

      # Quantum circuit
      qc = QuantumCircuit(qr, cr)

      # Hadamard transformation for all Qubits.
      for i in range(self.bits):

         key = ""

         while key not in self.numbers:
            # Generate key.
            job = execute(qc, backend=self.machine, shots=1)
            result = job.result()
            key = str(list(result.get_counts(qc).keys())[0])
         return self.numbers[key]

      Sets the machine to either "sim" (simulator) or "IBM" (IBM Quantum Computer)
   def set_machine(self, machine):
      if machine == "sim":
         self.machine = Aer.get_backend('qasm_simulator')
         print("--- machine is set to SIMULATOR ---")
      elif machine == "ibm":
         self.machine = IBMQ.get_provider('ibm-q').get_backend('ibmq_16_melbourne')
         print("--- machine is set to IBM ---")
         raise RuntimeError("No valid machine chosen!")

      Create a random Qubit (0 or 1)
   def random_qubit(self):
      # Quantum register
      qr = QuantumRegister(1)

      # Classical register
      cr = ClassicalRegister(1)

      # Quantum circuit
      circuit = QuantumCircuit(qr, cr)

      # Hadamard transformation

      # Measure and destroy the superposition

      job = execute(circuit, backend=self.machine, shots=1)

      # Generate and return bit.
      return str(list(job.result().get_counts().keys())[0])

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